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Private Consultation

Navigate challenges and enhance your parenting skills with professional guidance.

Personalized Support for Parents of Young Children

Are you a parent of young children looking for personalized support and practical strategies to navigate the challenges of parenting?

Every family and child is unique, and so are their needs. My online consultation and coaching service is designed to provide personalized support tailored to your specific situation. I focus on mindset-shaping approaches to help you deal with parenting issues more easily and confidently.

  • Individualized Help: Every child is unique, and so is every family’s situation. My one-on-one sessions ensure that you get the personalized help you need. In each consultation, we focus on your questions and challenges. Aiming to find solutions that work best for your unique situation. 

  • Collaboration and Communication
    Your active participation is crucial to our success. I value your insights and encourage you to share your experiences and opinions. Together, we will explore various strategies and tailor them to fit your family’s unique dynamics. This collaborative process sets individual consultations apart from generic recorded video courses, offering you a customized and interactive experience.

  • Convenient and flexible: Book sessions at times that work for you, from the comfort of your own home. On Zoom / Google Meet you can connect from anywhere in the world.

  • Safe and Judgement-Free: I provide a supportive environment where you can ask any question without fear of judgment. Our conversations are confidential, so you can feel free to share your biggest challenges with me.

  • Practical Advice and Techniques: Gain access to practical advice and effective techniques that will help you understand and manage your child’s behavior. Each session provides you with actionable strategies to implement at home. My goal is to equip you with the tools you need to handle challenges confidently and effectively.

What We Can Work On Together?

Our sessions cover a wide range of topics to support you in your parenting journey, including but not limited to:

  • Managing tantrums and challenging behaviors like hitting and biting
  • Utilizing Montessori materials and principles at home
  • Setting up an environment that encourages independence and support the child’s natural development
  • Supporting your child’s emotional development and frustration tolerance
  • Positive discipline communication tips

How it Works?

First meeting: We start with an initial consultation where we get to know each other, discuss your unique family dynamics, challenges and goals. This helps me understand your situation and goals, so we can develop a PERSONALIZED PLAN. Even after our first consultation meeting, I aim to make sure you receive practical strategies and actionable steps you can take (before our next meeting) to address your concerns.

One-on-One Sessions: During our 60-minute sessions, we dive deep into your specific challenges. Whether it’s managing TANTRUMS, dealing with hitting or biting, SIBLING conflicts, “not listening”, ANGER MANAGEMENT, starting kindergarten or setting up a Montessori-inspired environment, I provide you with practical advice and strategies. You can ask as many questions as you want within our time together. This ensures that you get the support and guidance you need in real-time.

Ongoing Support: Between consultations, I am available for questions and feedback. This ensures that you receive continuous support and can successfully integrate the techniques you learn into your daily life.

With personalized support, practical advice, and ongoing guidance, you’ll feel empowered to tackle parenting challenges and create a positive environment for your children.

I offer flexible pricing packages to meet your individual needs. Whether you require a single consultation or a more comprehensive plan, I have options that can suit your situation. Contact me today to schedule your first consultation!

Choose the option that best fits your needs:

  1. One-Time Consultation: Get quick, targeted advice on a specific issue.
  2. Three-Session Package: Benefit from deeper, ongoing support and a comprehensive approach to your parenting challenges.

I am pleased to offer in-person sessions in both Vienna and Budapest. This option allows for a more intimate and direct interaction, ensuring we can fully address your concerns and provide the best support for your needs.

To ensure that I can accommodate your schedule and provide the best possible service, all face-to-face sessions must be booked in advance. 

One-Time Consultation

LIMITED OFFER: 50 EUR (60 mins)
Valid until 25th June 2024

A one-time consultation is ideal if you need quick advice on a specific topic. This option is perfect if you are facing a particular challenge or need guidance on a specific area, such as addressing behavioral difficulties like sibling fights, sharing, or throwing food at the table, supporting your child’s learning in areas like letters, numbers, or colors.

A single session can provide you with the initial guidance and strategies you need to start addressing these issues effectively.

Three-Session Package

Price: 120 EUR (40 eur/session)

At the end of our first session, you can still decide whether you want the other two sessions!

+ Money-back guarantee! If you’re not satisfied with our consultation, you don’t need to pay – our commitment is to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

The three-session package is designed to offer more in-depth support and follow-up, making it a more effective and economical choice. This package allows us to dive deeper into multiple topics and provide ongoing guidance, ensuring you can successfully implement the strategies discussed.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: If you know in advance that you have more than one topic to discuss or your situation is complex, this package is perfect. We can address different aspects of parenting over multiple sessions.

  • Follow-Up and Support: With three sessions, we can track your progress and make adjustments to the strategies as needed. This ensures that you receive continuous support and that the techniques are effectively integrated into your daily life.

  • Tailored Sessions: Each session can focus on a different area of interest. For example, one session might provide activity ideas for your child’s development (counting, reading, writing, fine motor skills, art activities, suggesting specific tools and toys), while another session might address positive discipline approaches related to your child’s behavior.

How It Works: You decide when and what to talk about during each session. This flexibility ensures that we focus on the topics that matter most to you at any given time.

Start your journey towards a more harmonious family life today. 

Details and dates will be arranged by e-mail.


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